Envastats is a Chrome extension I built as a side project to provide meaningful reports about my sales. At first I wanted to display a simple chart of sales on top of my statement page, but after way more time than planned, I ended up with a multiple features widgetized dashboard – I just don’t know how to keep things simple…

This is just a personnal project, but I thought I would share it with Envato authors, via the Chrome Web Store.

The feature I wanted the most is the intelligent currency conversion: each sale is converted at the rate of the day where the corresponding earnings are sent to the author (the 15th of the n+1 month). With the large variations of the USD to EURO conversion rate over the last months, I needed a more precise report of final earnings over time than what my author earnings page provide.


  • Display sales and earnings for the last 30 days, 6 months or for all time
  • Display sales and earnings distributions by items (12 most populars), days of week and hours of the day
  • Display counters for number of sales, amount sold, earnings and referral cuts, for three different time ranges: all time, current month and current week
  • Provides estimations for the end of the current week and month
  • Display progress circles for paws, author’s rate and elite levels (once maximum rate is reached)
  • Provides intelligent currency conversion, and actual rate is updated every 2 hours (requires a free Open Exchange Rate account app ID because of requests limitations, instructions are given in the UI)
  • Option for automatic refresh each 15 minutes and button for manual refresh
  • Buttons to reset settings or database in case something’s broken
  • l10n and i18n (english and french available, feel free to provide your own translation!)

The code is available on Github under the MIT licence, so feel free to fork it and enhance it!

Hope you’ll like it ;)

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Thankyou very much for this great script, it’s a fantastic change to my otherwise boring statement!

Hey this looks cool but not working, just installed in chrome, click on the extension button, does nothing. Am I missing something?

HMm looks cool indeed, but it’s not working indeed…
I click the button in the right top corner but nothing happens.

Figured it out, nothing happens when you click the Chrome extension button. This will only appear on your Themeforest statement page. It’s looking very good, keep up the great work!

This is simply amazing, excellent design and execution.

I love this plugin. Thank you very much!

It is very cool.

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