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With this template you can persuade the client that can give you a positive score. You can download a PSD Template with Layers for all Marketplaces.

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PSDViewer http://extras.envato.com/services/psdviewer/ http://extras.envato.com/services/psdviewer/#comments Mon, 25 Nov 2013 15:05:06 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1615

PSD Viewer is a really easy way to showcase your psds in a much neater fashion.

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Metro Help Desk Support Tickets with Envato Licenses Control http://extras.envato.com/services/metro-help-desk-support-tickets-with-envato-licenses-control/ http://extras.envato.com/services/metro-help-desk-support-tickets-with-envato-licenses-control/#comments Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:11:02 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1542

A help desk ticketing system will allow you to provide prompt and efficient support to your clients.

Metro Help Desk comes by default with an integrated FAQ and manuals systems, thus allowing staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.

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My Market Ticket System http://extras.envato.com/services/my-market-ticket-system/ http://extras.envato.com/services/my-market-ticket-system/#comments Tue, 18 Jun 2013 20:16:24 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1422

Always needed to efficiently support your customers?
Customers are complaining in item’s comments?
You’re going to miss the comments as you’re growing?
There’s no certain way to support and track your customers questions?
You’re a team and cannot waste your time anymore by forwarding emails and comments to your teammate?
Wanna sale more and your customers need to know that you’re a pro?

Ticket Features

Now save your time, satisfy your clients and sale more, My Market Ticket System is a clean and beautiful system that can help you grow faster and take care of your clients in the most efficient way.

responsive, optimized for mobile
captcha code
tickets search
automatic Email report
clean and organize tickets viewer
tickets priority option
smart tickets with 4 statuses: Open, Close, Pending, Replied
admin panel
add admins with different roles
Department/Role managment system
Block/Remove each user
week/month Summary of how you have supported your clients
summary chart and statistics
admins and users gravatar
secure file attachments, the attachment system is secure and safe. Also the attached files will only be visible to the related admin and user

Knowledgebase Features

Yes, it’s not only a ticket system, it also includes a full knowledge base system too that let’s you post different articles about technical stuff or anything else or make FAQs for your your items on marketplaces to help your cutomors more and also free your mind and proof that you won’t get repeated questions again and again!

responsive, optimized for mobile
captcha code
articles search
add/edit/remove articles
comments on each article
categorize articles
admin panel
add/edit articles using a full option WYSIWYG
approve/unapprove/trash/restore comments
Ajax, post and control comments
Media Library

How it works for users

Users can come and and checkout the articles, search them and find their answers if it’s a frequently asked question… also they can see other buyer’s comments and post a new one instead of creating a new ticket…
then if they have bought a file of yours and wanted to ask a specific question or needed you for a Freelancing job, they can create a new ticket by sending their purchase code, if the purchase code has been verified succefully their username will be created and their ticket will be submited succefully. You can then be sure that the user has bought your item and now asking questions about it, you can also check the users status and info anytime that you have liked…

FYI: When users try to post a new ticket about a file (they select on which department they are going to post the ticket) they need to insert their item purchase code too among all of the other required input fields, the purchase code will be verified by the system and it will be known that the question that they have asked is related to their purchase code or not, then you can choose to block/delete the user or reply them with respect :)

How to install it

It’s easy :)
It’s a 5 minutes installation, in the download package there’s a full step by step documentation on how to install and start using the system and supporting your customers from today.

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Envauthers http://extras.envato.com/services/envato-authors-wall/ http://extras.envato.com/services/envato-authors-wall/#comments Fri, 24 Aug 2012 15:38:33 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=741 Envato Authors Wall

The Envauthers Wall allows authors* from all Envato marketplaces to add themselves to a site that showcases the whole seller community here.
It was created initially as an Year Book for Envato’s 6th birthday:

  • simple: one click and your profile is added
  • uses the Envato Marketplace API to get user information
  • marketplace avatars are used to display authors
  • every avatar is linked to the respective author’s profile, with a referral link included ;)

*Due to high risk of spam, only authors with at least one sale can join.

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Ticksy – Customer support. Simply. http://extras.envato.com/services/ticksy-customer-support-simply/ http://extras.envato.com/services/ticksy-customer-support-simply/#comments Tue, 06 Mar 2012 14:16:46 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=565 Ticksy

Ticksy is a brand new support system aimed at the average Envato Marketplace author, looking for an affordable way to support their products. Ticksy is designed to easily integrate with Envato, making it simple to support and verify purchases from Day One.

Instead of using email to go back and forth with your customers, Ticksy’s clean design and interface makes the support process simple and intuitive for you and – more importantly – your customers.

At just $5 per user per month – and no hidden costs – Ticksy enables you to provide stellar customer support for the cost of one iced vanilla latte with an extra shot.

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Modforest http://extras.envato.com/services/modforest/ http://extras.envato.com/services/modforest/#comments Wed, 27 Apr 2011 00:15:32 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=112

Modforest was created by Cosmin (digitalimpact on ThemeForest) for the simple purpose of helping other marketplace members, both authors and buyers.

How can Modforest help you?

As an author, you can:

  • see how your files are used in the wild
  • contribute your own customizations and make money by including your referral link to the original piece for sale

As a buyer, you can:

  • show off your skills with a customized theme
  • make some cash by adding your referral link to the premium version for sale

So what are you waiting for? Customized a WordPress theme?

Go submit it and let everybody see your work

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