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Shell script to check the Envato purchase codes in the terminal.

Using curl library.

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AngularJS Envato API Wrapper http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/angularjs-envato-api-wrapper/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/angularjs-envato-api-wrapper/#comments Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:40:57 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1939

An AngularJS wrapper to easily access the data from the Envato’s Marketplaces using their API.

It’s coupled with a cache system to avoid unnecessary API calls.

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Theme Switcher http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/theme-switcher/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/theme-switcher/#comments Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:34:42 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1934

A simple theme switcher to help you organize your demos.

  • PHP Powered
  • Responsive Check
  • Cache Last State of Site
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Collabo – Marketplace Collaboration System http://extras.envato.com/featured/collabo-marketplace-collaboration-system/ http://extras.envato.com/featured/collabo-marketplace-collaboration-system/#comments Mon, 31 Mar 2014 16:10:51 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1713

Collabo is a system that is used for collaboration with partners on items you are selling on Envato marketplaces. The basic functionality is to check periodically for sales using Envato API and split the sales of products to your collaborators.

Collabo also acts as basic payment request ticketing system where your parther can issue withdrawal tickets and you can then guide them through the whole money withdrawal process.



Login information
Admin account
email: demo@demo.com
pass: password

User account
email: user@demo.com
pass: password


  • User management system
  • Payment request ticket system
  • Product details loaded from Envato
  • Automaticly updating new sales
  • Notification emails
  • Easy instalation process guide
  • Extensive application security

Collabo is build with Yii framework and it is using PHP scripting language. So you will need a PHP server to run Collabo.

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Marketopia http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/marketopia/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/marketopia/#comments Tue, 04 Feb 2014 14:46:50 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1672

Marketopia provides you with the newest tools for browsing ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

At the moment, these tools include:

  • Detailed Statistics about items, authors and marketplaces
  • Advanced Search system for items
  • An estimation system which estimates marketplace’s popular items list for next week
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Soundizer http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/soundizer/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/soundizer/#comments Mon, 28 Oct 2013 16:02:24 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1569

Soundizer is audio search engine that allows you to find AudioJungle tracks by their mp3 sample files.

Even if you only have a piece of an AudioJungle track you can easily find a link to the corresponding AudioJungle file! This is a really amazing search engine! I still can’t believe that it’s working this good!

I hope this will help buyers to find your tracks when you have only the mp3 preview file or even just a piece of the music.

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Envital http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/envital/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/envital/#comments Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:01:27 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1533

A windows sidebar gadget to display vital statistics through Envato API. After installing this gadget you can display your current balance and the earnings in the current month.

The sales graph shows a two-series chart. The bars show the earnings of past 12 months whereas the line graph shows the volume of sales (total sales) per month.

This gadget also plays a notification sound when the balance changes (new sale).

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SalesGenius http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/salesgenius/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/salesgenius/#comments Thu, 01 Aug 2013 02:13:42 +0000 Dan Bruce http://extras.envato.com/?p=1481

SalesGenius is a web app that lets you accurately track your Envato sales. It gives you detailed reports on your sales information, from categories to earnings to portfolio items.

  • Start learning what makes you money and what is holding your resources back.
  • Do direct comparisons between items or categories.
  • Instantly decide which deserve your focus and which aren’t as important.
  • A responsive design means you can login anytime, anywhere and view your sales without interruption!

Here’s a rundown of the app’s main features:

  • Track your sales stats
  • View sales projections
  • Overlay and compare sales
  • Watch your leaderboards
  • Compare with market trends
  • Sale summary e-mails

A free version and Pro version are available. The Pro version has a 30-day trial.

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Laravel 4 Envato API Wrapper http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/laravel-4-envato-api-wrapper/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/laravel-4-envato-api-wrapper/#comments Thu, 11 Jul 2013 17:06:18 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=1455

A plugin for the new extremely powerful Laravel 4 framework.

It makes it very easy to interact with the Envato API. Currently there is almost every APU feature (call) included that you will probably need.

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UpdateAtoll http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/updateatoll/ http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/updateatoll/#comments Tue, 08 Jan 2013 15:17:19 +0000 travis http://extras.envato.com/?p=852

UpdateAtoll is a useful application, that helps you to keep your items from Envato marketplaces updated. It can check updates of any item from any marketplace:

  • ActiveDen
  • AudioJungle
  • ThemeForest
  • VideoHive
  • GraphicRiver
  • 3DOcean
  • CodeCanyon
  • TutsPlus
  • PhotoDune

The process is fast and accurate and if something found since your last check, then you can download update in two clicks. Just add items that you want to track to the databse and run UpdateAtoll every day, or week, or month.

Powered by Envato API

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