Enwallet- An iOS App for all Envato marketplaces

I spent some time developing an Envato App which keeps track of your sales record and visualizes it. You can compare the performance of your items or spectate the overall performance.

In addition to that the user gets an overview of his profile including his rating and badges he earned. So gets to know his current balance and the number of followers. He can also view his monthly statement to keep a track of his deposits and his expenditure.

Once screen is dedicated to the search function allowing the user of the App to search for anything he desires on all of the envato marketplaces. He can also chose specifically which marketplace to search on. After selecting a search result the user can directly purchase the item.

The app can be fetched from the iTunes servers.

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The UI is slick and really nice. Gets all the info EZ. Awesome man!

Good App. please make for android users.

Hello! Does it sends notifications on item sales?

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