Market Hub [iPhone Application]

Market Hub is an iPhone App designed for viewers to browse all of Envato Marketplaces and their latest items at the touch of their handsets, and for authors to keep track of their sales and portfolio.

As a viewer, you can search for items, or view the most popular or latest items by category, read comments and view author details, for any Envato Market. All under a single hub – the Market Hub!

As an author, you can keep track of recent sales and view your account and your own portfolio.

On refreshing your balance, the application makes a sound if you have earned anything since you last checked.

Features For Users:

  • Browse through all Envato Marketplaces
  • Search for items by any keyword in all of the marketplaces
  • Read Comments on any item
  • View Authors’ details

Features For Authors:

  • View your Account Details
  • View your Current Balance
  • View your Portfolio
  • View your Sales

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Can this app show how many people viewed my profile or portfolio?

You have any idea to develop this app for android users?

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