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If you are an author on one or more marketplaces of Envato, this is a must have app on your device! I spent 6 months for coding this app and I am going to make a lot of cool features into this app to make it as useful and practical as possible.

Current features V1.0:

Single chart display
Combine chart display for items and marketplaces
Compare chart display for items and marketplaces
Connects to our PHP Ticket System (which has been built for Envato users)
Uses GCM technology to send you notifications as soon as you make a sale on Envato! (must be connected to the PHP Ticket System for this feature to work properly)
Lets you import your transaction history .CSV files to the app so you can have a complete history in your app database so you will have charts from the first day you entered the Envato marketplace

Future features in our to-do list:

To show comments on your items inside the app
To support ticket management system inside the app so you can reply back support ticket messages from the app
To add a favorite button for the charts you use the most
To support multiple users
To build more chart types and change the look of the charts so they will be even more informative
To be able to print out the charts

I hope you can support us to make this app more and more powerful as it will help all the authors in Envato.

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For premium app you need to put a lot more features if you want to be sold.

It has lots of features, did you check it out?

Instant notifications, importing .csv history of your Envato sales, professional charts, supporting all of the Envato marketplaces, new sale notifications and summary statistics… they are all features that really help an author to improve himself and find out his weaknesses.

What I mean by a professional statistics is that it provides you something that the original Envato statistics on your Earning page won’t give you… combining and comparing sales or the whole marketplaces charts, setting time preiods and detailed features are all the stuff that makes this app useful and unique, I suggest you try it out.

It’s free :)

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