Ticksy – Customer support. Simply.


Ticksy is a brand new support system aimed at the average Envato Marketplace author, looking for an affordable way to support their products. Ticksy is designed to easily integrate with Envato, making it simple to support and verify purchases from Day One.

Instead of using email to go back and forth with your customers, Ticksy’s clean design and interface makes the support process simple and intuitive for you and – more importantly – your customers.

At just $5 per user per month – and no hidden costs – Ticksy enables you to provide stellar customer support for the cost of one iced vanilla latte with an extra shot.

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Hello Ticky,
brilliant work. This is an amazing supporting tool, we are looking a long time,because it would be also very usable as an online support ticket system in our business ( sell and support electric bikes ), smart and easy for our customers.

When will be the tool in german language ?

Best regards,
Stromrad from Stuttgart, Germany

sorry, must be “Ticksy” in the headline :-)

anybody in there ? I´m also looking for an email adress at the homepage http://www.ticksy.com – nothing found. No imprint – who are you ?

Please help! Thank you in advance,
Best regards,

Hi Stromrad!

We plan on getting some momentum going on language changes next year. Just trying to get Ticksy off the ground right now, and then we’ll move on to bigger things!

I like it, but when it comes to Mobile use it sucks … too bad they did not figure this out.
At least make it responsive or let the site as it is, i cannot reply to tickets on my iPhone witch is not nice.

This item should be removed from this list.

With all respects to the author, but the development of Ticksy was given up and this at the most inappropriate time, with many features in the middle of being developed. We are moving slowly to some other solutions.

Have to agree with commenter before. No way to contact them about bugs. That they dont have support for their own tool is beyond ironic. It is actually illegal to run a website with no contact info in the UK and Germany (and possibly more countries i dont know of), especially if you are charging money for it.

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